You know smoke travels out of the house through the chimney, but did you know that there is a funnel inside your chimney? The funnel in your chimney that is used to push the smoke out is called a smoke chamber. The upside-down funnel shape of the smoke chamber is important, because the smoke is gently guided up into the smaller part of the chamber into the chimney, and then the smoke finally get pushed out of your home.

Sloping Sides

We Can Resize or Restore Your Smoke Chamber! - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysDid you know the sides of your smoke chamber are sloped? This is important because it allows for the gradual push of the smoke up and out of the chimney. When Old Dominion Chimneys comes to inspect your chimney, we make sure to check out the condition of your smoke chamber along with the inspection. We’ll check to see if there are any cracks or chips in your smoke chamber as they actually catch the smoke and cause a back draft.

If we find chips or cracks, we have the expertise to fix this problem with a procedure called parging. Parging is basically putting a coating over the surface of your smoke chamber to make those imperfections disappear. Another problem parging can also take care of is a corbelled smoke chamber. Corbelling means that something is in a stair step design, which also hinders the smoke from leaving your chimney.


Another problem of an inefficient smoke chamber is that it is the wrong size, and this can cause the smoke to not travel out of your chimney. This can result in a smoke-filled room. We can also help you with this problem as well. We know the different sizes of smoke chambers, and if you need a different size, we’ll get the right size for your chimney’s need.

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