Get A Better Look With A ChimScan Video Inspection

For the safety of you and your family, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you have your chimney system inspected each and every year. If your chimney and fireplace are operating normally and you haven’t experienced any changes or issues in the last year, a simple level 1 chimney inspection should suffice. But sometimes, a closer look is needed.

When a simple level 1 visual inspection just won’t do, Old Dominion Chimneys can help. Our technicians are certified and have been expertly trained and equipped with ChimScan chimney video scanning technology. By lowering this camera down into your chimney, we’re able to get an up close look at the chimney system – from the top of the flue down into the smoke chamber, the throat, and the firebox. This equipment even allows us to capture images of damage or areas of concern, so that you can see just what needs to be done and where.

There are several situations that call for a video inspection, including:

  • After a chimney fire
  • When buying or selling the property
  • After a major event (i.e. earthquake, tornado)
  • If you notice changes in draft or smoke issues
  • When you think you have animals or birds living in your chimney

Real Estate Inspections

A video inspection can also protect you in the buying or selling of a property. Think about it: a home inspector is simply going to shine a flashlight up into the firebox, which will only allow him to see the first few feet of the chimney system. A simple visual inspection will not reveal cracks, defects, or obstructions higher up in the system. With a ChimScan video inspection, you’ll know whether any major or minor damage is present before buying or selling the property. And since the cost of chimney repairs can add up rather quickly, that’s good information to have!

If you’d like to schedule a video inspection with one of our certified sweeps, give us a call at 540-434-0888 or click here. Our expert technicians will provide a thorough inspection so you know just what you’re dealing with.