In Need Of A Firebox Rebuild Or Upgrade? We’ve Got You Covered!

The firebox of your masonry fireplace, the area that contains the fire itself, shouldn’t be made of traditional brick. Instead, it should be made of firebrick, which is a type of brick specifically designed to handle the higher temperatures and byproducts that this area of the fireplace is exposed to during the combustion process.

Unfortunately, many fireboxes are improperly constructed of poor materials, making them ineffective at containing heat and sparks. A firebox constructed of poor materials will allow heat to transfer to nearby combustibles and walls, and can even lead to a rapidly spreading house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

But even if your firebox was properly constructed of firebrick, fireboxes can break down – especially if they’re exposed to water – making them unsafe for use. If your firebox needs to be repaired or rebuilt, or if you’d simply like to update it to increase efficiency and safety and give it a whole new look, we can help.

Our Designs Are Efficient & Long-Lasting

Here at Old Dominion Chimneys, we specialize in firebox rebuilds and upgrades, and can tear out your old firebox and construct a new firebox that will last. We use high-quality firebrick and refractory mortar, and shape, slope, and design our fireboxes to provide the ideal draft and increase the heat output of your fireplace. With our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified team on the job, you can be confident that your new firebox will be smoke-tight, efficient, durable, code-compliant, and of course, beautiful.

Make A Style Statement

Want a firebox that makes a statement? Our expert masons can lay your firebrick in just about any pattern imaginable to give you that unique look you’re after. Whether you prefer a herringbone design, a vertical pattern, a horizontal pattern, or a combination of patterns, the team at Old Dominion Chimneys can get the job done right. Don’t just have the most efficient firebox on the block – have the most attractive firebox!

Our Team Delivers Prompt, Professional Results – Guaranteed!

If your firebox is cracking, crumbling, and showing signs of heat or water damage – or if you are ready to give your firebox a fresh, new look – give us call! Our team of masons is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and can have your new firebox completed in no time. Call us at 540-434-0888 or click here to request your appointment today!


A smoke chamber resizing or restoration is just one of the fireplace restoration services we provide here at Old Dominion Chimneys.