Looking To Have Your Smoke Chamber Restored Or Resized? We Can Help!

You know that each and every component of your chimney system is designed to work together to increase the safety and efficiency of your chimney and fireplace – that’s why you keep up with annual inspections and chimney sweepings. But what happens when your smoke chamber is damaged or improperly sized and constructed? Let’s take a look.

What Does The Smoke Chamber Do?

The smoke chamber is the area of the fireplace that connects the fireplace throat to the chimney flue. It is the area responsible for guiding the smoke and byproducts produced during combustion up into the chimney so that it can quickly exit the home. When properly designed, the smoke chamber is shaped like an upside down funnel and is parged smooth to provide a smoke-tight chamber that encourages smoke to swiftly pass through the chimney system.

When Do Smoke Chambers Need To Be Resized Or Restored?

A common problem with smoke chambers is that they are often built in a corbelled pattern, which causes resistance for smoke and delays its exit through the chimney, especially if not parged smooth. Additionally, they are sometimes improperly sized for the hearth opening.

Unfortunately, if this area of the chimney system is improperly constructed or is too small for the fireplace opening, it will not be able to handle the amount of smoke produced by the fire, and will instead allow that smoke to re-enter the home. Additionally, as smoke lingers in this area instead of being ushered up into the flue, it cools and settles along the smoke chamber in the form of creosote – a highly flammable and corrosive byproduct. This is a major problem that can render the entire chimney system ineffective and inefficient and create unnecessary risks and hazards.

But even when the smoke chamber is properly constructed and designed, it can develop holes, cracks, and gaps over time, which can decrease its efficiency and allow heat, sparks, and carbon monoxide to escape into other areas of the home. But we can help.

We Have The Experience & Training To Restore Your Smoke Chamber

Our team has over three decades of smoke chamber restoration and resizing experience, and provides expert, durable, effective results. If your smoke chamber is damaged or corbelled, we can parge your smoke chamber smooth, leaving you with a new, smoke-tight, efficient smoke chamber surface that encourages smoke to swiftly pass through. If your smoke chamber needs to be completely resized or rebuilt, we can handle that, too! Our team has the skills, equipment, and know-how to get the job done promptly and properly.

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