Need Expert Chimney Crown Repairs?

Keeping your chimney system dry and protected doesn’t have to be a full-time job. If you’re keeping up with annual inspections and making sure that your chimney system was properly built and is properly maintained, your chimney should stay high and dry. You see, the chimney is made up of several components that are designed to offer protection against the outside elements. And one of the most important components offering protection is the chimney crown.

The chimney crown is the cement slab that rests at the very top of your chimney stack, sealing out rain, animals, debris, and anything else that could get into the chimney and cause damage. Unfortunately, this area is a common source of leaks for a number of reasons:
Poor Construction – One of the most common reasons for crown failure is improper construction. A good, quality, long-lasting chimney crown should be made of a combination of concrete and steel mesh. Mortar crowns will wear much faster, but many contractors use mortar because it’s readily available during the construction process. Not only are crowns commonly built of improper materials like mortar, but they are also oftentimes constructed to improper dimensions. If you want a crown that’s going to keep water out of your chimney system, the crown should be at least 3 inches thick, sloped, and extending at least 3 inches from the chimney stack on each side. Otherwise, water will settle on the crown and quickly wear through, while any water that does run off of the crown will be dumped directly onto the masonry of the chimney stack and the flashing below it.

Weather & Settling – Of course, even when crowns are properly built they can wear and crack over time as a result of weather and settling. Once holes and cracks develop, the crown will start allowing more and more water into the chimney.

Help Is Just A Phone Call Away

If your chimney was poorly built or has started to show signs of wear and tear, Old Dominion Chimneys can help. We specialize in chimney crown repair and rebuilds and can make sure your crown is in great condition and ready to protect your chimney. For more information on our crown repair services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 540-434-0888 or click here. We look forward to helping you keep your chimney dry and protected, season after season.


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