Bellfires Refractory Fireplace Restoration

While they offer a beautiful view, it’s a well-known fact that most open hearth fireplaces tend to be inefficient and wasteful. Many homeowners simply accept the fact that their open hearth fireplace will never be an efficient heat source – but you don’t have to settle. Do you love the the beauty of an open hearth but long for the radiant warmth of a woodstove? With Bellfires, you can have both!

Bellfires – Designed To Give You More Heat With Less Wood

Bellfires refractory fireplaces are efficient open hearth fireplaces that can meet both your aesthetic and your heating needs. But what really sets Bellfires apart? Design.

The firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber of a Bellfires fireplace is ceramic-insulated, protecting nearby combustibles from the high heat of the fire, and directing heat back into the fire. Additionally, the apex on the back wall directs heat back into the fire and out into your living space, which is where you want it! This means a higher heat output and a warmer home. In fact, you’ll even enjoy radiant heat after the fire has died out!

But the design doesn’t just give you more heat – it gives you more heat with less fuel! Because all of the heat is radiated back into your fireplace and sent back out into your living space, you’ll get a more complete combustion, meaning more heat with less wood. Additionally, the flue size of a Bellfires is much smaller than a traditional flue, so less heat is lost up the chimney.

An added bonus of nearly complete wood combustion? Less smoke production and virtually no odor or creosote buildup!

Built To Last

Homeowners also love Bellfires for their durability. Because of their makeup and design, they can truly take the heat, season after season. These beautiful and efficient fireplaces are also pre-cast, saving you both time and labor costs during installation.

Is A Bellfires Right For You?

If you’re tired of stoking your fire just to lose all the heat up the chimney, give Old Dominion Chimneys a call! We can help you decide if a Bellfires Refractory Fireplace is the right choice for your home. Call us at 540-434-0888 – we’re here to help! You can also request an appointment online here.


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