Trust Old Dominion Chimneys for Flue & Ventilation Safety Image - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysWhat Does a Flue Do?

The flue is the part of the chimney that addresses ventilation. It moves the smoke and gases that are emitted from burning wood out and up through the chimney. Liners protect the flue and help them to keep the smoke and gas flow moving and prevent damage to the flue and masonry. In the past, chimneys were not lined, but not only is it safer to have a liner, it prolongs the life of your chimney and all its components. Liners become damaged, however, and that puts your flue in danger of being damaged. Other elements that can mar the flue are a missing or old chimney cap or damper. The cap sits on top of the flue and a damper provides an airtight seal. If they are not in working order, moisture, bugs, and animals can enter the channel, all of which break down the integrity of the flue. Annual inspections can keep you ahead of potential dangers.

A Damaged Flue Risks Your Life

Remember that a flue’s job is to move smoke and gases through the stack. When that stream is impeded, those elements begin to back up. It isn’t always obvious, either. Before the smoke begins backing up, you run the risk of the gases backing up and that culminates in carbon monoxide poisoning and that is a silent, odorless killer. The Chimney Safety Institute of America warns of carbon monoxide poisoning from poor ventilation. Even if you burn oil rather than wood, your flue needs to be inspected and cleaned annually.

Old Dominion Chimneys Inspections Stop Problems Before They Happen

Old Dominion Chimneys has a team of professional technicians who are certified through the NSCG to determine the internal condition of your chimney and flue, and then take action to clean or repair. We offer three levels of inspections, level 3 being the most comprehensive, looking in to hidden areas of your system. Call Old Dominion Chimneys today at 540-434-0888 or click here to schedule your inspection today.