Winter can just leave things looking dingy and dirty, especially if you’ve had some precipitation over the cold months. When precipitation splashes on the ground, it can hit your house and leave things looking less than bright and springy. Even the chimney can use a new look at times, and if you’ve been looking at your home and wishing you could perk up the look of it, then it may be time to look into applying a good mortar wash. This may be a job that you are looking into doing yourself, and that is one option. However, it is a time-consuming task and one that requires several steps, and since it is on the exterior of your home and people will be driving by and seeing it, it might be a good idea to leave it to the professionals. And to make sure that you really get the job done right, the professionals to call if you live in central Virginia are the workers at Old Dominion Chimneys.

What is a Mortar Wash?brick wall partially built with tool against blue sky

When we look at your chimney, we might just recommend a mortar wash. But what exactly does that mean? A mortar wash is simply painting a layer of mortar, either thick or thin, over the surface of the brick and mortar. Mortar wash usually comes in a neutral shade, but color can be added after the mortar is dried for a personalized look. After the mortar wash is applied, some can be wiped off to expose parts of the brick for a more rustic look. One thing to think about before you apply a mortar wash, however, is that it is difficult to remove, so make sure you know what you want the look to be before you get the job done.

Water Repellent

Precipitation is something that washes things clean, but it is also something that can cause problems for your chimney. Erosion happens through several processes, and water happens to be one of them. Just the constant exposure to water falling on the chimney is one way that mortar can wear away or crack. When this happens, water can start to leak through those cracks, and that can cause damage to your fireplace and chimney system in several different ways. It can cause your damper assembly to rust and the floor, ceiling, and trim around your fireplace to warp and weaken. Great protection from the damaging effects of precipitation is to have us apply water repellent to your chimney.

When you hire us to apply water repellent, the best part is that we use products that not only keep the precipitation out, but also lets any moisture that may be hiding in the pores of the mortar to escape. This is really important because moisture left in the mortar can have the same destructive qualities that precipitation can have on your chimney.

When you call Old Dominion Chimneys, you are guaranteed the best service in the area. Whether you’re looking for protection or a new look for your chimney, we’re the professionals to call.