It feels so good to have a fire burning in the cool autumn weather. All winter, it’s just a cozy feeling to cuddle up in front of a fire.  However, in truth, the best time to enjoy the cheerful crackling of a friendly fire is during the holiday seasons – from Thanksgiving until New Years. These are such busy days, with planning scrumptious meals, baking delightful treats, and concocting tasty candies. Not to mention – cleaning the house, planning parties, writing cards, and buying presents!

Fireplace Over The Holidays - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysThere’s no better way to unwind after the full days of holiday planning than to relax in front of a fire. This is why if you haven’t had your fireplace inspected or cleaned yet, schedule your appointment now! Otherwise, your relaxing nights might be marred by worrying about the possibility of a chimney fire. The solution? Call in expert inspectors from Old Dominion Chimneys.

Cleaning Out the Chimney

There are several things that your chimney inspector will be looking for during the inspection and cleaning. First and foremost, creosote buildup is a huge risk all chimney owners take when they don’t have their chimney cleaned on an annual basis. When you burn wood in the fireplace, smoke is formed. This is made up of water vapor, hydrocarbons, chemical gasses, tar gasses, and even unburned wood particles.

When the smoke hits the cool brick of the interior of your chimney, it condenses and a substance called creosote develops. Over the many uses of your fireplace, this buildup can get thicker. Creosote is extremely flammable! If a stray spark or ember floats up the chimney, you could easily have a blazing chimney fire. A buildup of even an eighth of an inch is considered a dangerous buildup. Your chimney sweep has the know-how and the tools to take care of dangerous creosote buildup.

Creosote isn’t the only thing that can cause a chimney fire. Blockages can also catch a spark. However, what could be blocking your chimney? First off, if dry leaves, twigs, or even paper blow down the chimney and they get stuck there. As more and more get caught, you’ll soon have a blockage in the chimney that could easily start a fire. Another possible blockage? Bird or animal nests that have been left behind by critters that use your chimney as a home while raising a family. These dry nests are also fire hazards and need to be cleared out before a new season of burning fires!

Call in the Experts

Chimney fires will take the joy out of any holiday season. So, before you make the meal plans, and start buying and wrapping gifts, give Old Dominion Chimneys a call. They have the proper tools and the training to make sure that your chimney is up and running before the holiday season hits. Enjoy the holidays more knowing that your family is safe and sound when you light a fire in your fireplace!