Consult Old Dominion Chimneys for advice on tossing that old stove Image - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysWhat would you think about having five “dirty diesel “ buses idling in your family room? Well, according to the EPA, if you have an old wood burning stove, your home environment contains pollution equivalent to that emitted by five dirty diesel buses. How much do you love that wood stove now? Although the EPA’s 2015 regulations concerning wood-burning stoves grandfathers in stoves in current use, in light of health and environmental worries and cost savings, you may want to consider tossing that old wood stove and buying a new one.

An Old Stove Can be Harmful to Your Health

You’re breathing in much more than the homey aroma of embers wafting up through the chimney stack. Wood stoves manufactured prior to the 2015 EPA’s new guidelines emit far more pollution than the new, cleaner burning stoves.

The EPA contends that exposure to gases and particles that are emitted in smoke can cause eye and respiratory problems such a burning eyes and bronchitis while also heightening existing heart and lung conditions. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes, coughing, or breathing more heavily while your wood stove is working, it is strong possibility that the old burner is the culprit.

A New Stove Can Save You Money

Although air quality was the impetus for the EPA’s new regulations, another benefit is that a more efficient stove will save homeowners money. EPA- certified stoves are designed to burn cleaner and more efficiently, which also greatly decreases hazards. You will need less wood to warm your home. If you are burning less wood, then less creosote is building up in your chimney, thereby cutting the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Old Dominion Chimneys can advise you about a new stove. As members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the National Fireplace Institute, we are trained and certified to offer you guidance in choosing a new stove that suits your home and lifestyle and is EPA-certified. We carry trusted brands which are designed to burn efficiently. Wood burns more slowly and therefore heats your home more completely. You won’t have to sacrifice style and quality for efficiency. We would love the opportunity to help you find a new stove that best suits you.  Call 540-434-0888 to schedule an appointment.