Damper, firebox, chimney crown, chimney liner, chimney cap.  These are some of the things that you know about if you own a home with a fireplace.  But even though you know your fireplace has these components, do you really know what the purpose of each is?  Some work to keep your home safe from smoke and chemicals leaking back into your home, and some keep your home safe from the high heat generated from burning a fire.  One important job that is necessary to keep your chimney in good shape is keeping precipitation out, and a key component in achieving that goal is your chimney cap.

Chimney Capsbrick chimney

The chimney cap is the very topmost piece of your chimney.  It isn’t a built-on piece, like the chimney crown.  It actually sits on top of the chimney crown, but these two parts do work in conjunction with each other to keep your chimney and fireplace protected from the harmful effects of precipitation.  The chimney crown is a concrete piece that is built directly onto the top of your chimney.  It is designed with slanted sides and a two inch overhang so that precipitation is directed away from the joint where the roof and chimney meet.  This area is susceptible to leakage, so this is a great defense against water reaching this area.  The chimney cap is a piece that can be added to the chimney system, and not every home has one.  Just take a look at the top of your chimney and you should be able to see if your home does have one.  If it doesn’t, you should think about adding one for your chimney’s protection.

A chimney cap has a very unique design.  The top is set on sides and looks like a slanted roof that covers the top of the chimney completely.  This allows the precipitation to hit the chimney crown and be directed to the edge of the roof.  The really great thing about a chimney cap is the design of the sides.  Smoke needs to be able to exit the home through the chimney, so the sides are made of metal mesh rather than being solid.  This meets a dual purpose.  First, it allows the smoke to leave the home.  Second, it keeps things out, like birds, animals, dried twigs and leaves, and other debris that might blow down into your chimney and cause either a blockage or a fire hazard.

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