One important part of your chimney is the chimney cap. This relatively inexpensive piece of equipment is very important in maintaining the integrity of your chimney. Consequently, it is often left in a state of disrepair, and in some cases, it isn’t even present. You’ll want to make sure that you ask your chimney professional about the status of your chimney cap during your annual chimney inspection.

Make Sure Your Chimney Cap is in Working Order Image - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysWhy a Chimney Cap is so Important

Have you noticed that the wallpaper around your fireplace is looking water stained? Is the wood around your fireplace is starting to rot? If so, it may be that your chimney cap is rusted or broken. One purpose of the chimney cap is to keep the moisture from rain, sleet, or snow out of your chimney. If this precipitation is allowed to get in, it can mix with the soot that is in your chimney and eat away at the mortar. This can cause structural damage. Not only this, but other damage can also occur. Water in your chimney can cause collapsed hearth support, rusted fireplace accessories, rusted damper assemblies, a deteriorating central heating system, and more. And if the rainwater mixes with the creosote in your chimney, it can cause a nasty odor that permeates your home.

Besides water damage, there’s also the danger of fire. Your chimney is a natural place for birds and other animals to want to build their nests. It’s protected from the elements and from other natural predators that threaten their young. The problem is that when the animals leave, the nest stays behind and dries out. This turns into a natural spark catcher the next time you build a fire. As stated on the Angie’s List website, “(A) professionally installed chimney cap, sized properly, will prevent animals from entering the chimney.”

A chimney cap will also keep sparks from flying out onto your roof or your lawn. If these sparks get out, you could be in danger of losing your home to fire.

Signs Your Cap Is Broken or Missing

Have you noticed that there is an excessive amount of water dripping into your flue? Are you having a problem with rodents getting into the house? If so, it may be that your chimney cap is broken or missing. Also, if there are drafts of air inside your home, it could be due to a faulty chimney cap. If these issues are occurring, it’s important to take care of the problem sooner rather than later so that a bigger risk.

Old Dominion Chimneys

Chimney caps come in different sizes and shapes to fit all chimney types. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you find the right company to help you find the perfect cap for you chimney. Old Dominion Chimneys is the place to call if you live in central Virginia. They are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to chimney caps and they offer reliable, trustworthy service. Give them a call today!