The Many Purposes of a Top Sealing DamperWhat is the most important part of your fireplace and chimney system? That’s an impossible question to answer. There are so many parts, and they each play an important role in making your fire burning experience safe and satisfying. For example, a good flue liner is vital to make sure that your chimney is protected from the chemicals in the smoke that might eat away at the mortar and cause structural damage. The chimney cap will protect the interior of your chimney from precipitation that can damage the bricks and mortar of your chimney. It also keeps out debris or critters that might build a nest and leave behind a potential fire hazard. The firebox itself needs to be kept in tip-top shape because if the heat-resistant brick isn’t in good condition, you could be risking a house fire. Another important part of your fireplace is the damper system.


The damper is an important part of your chimney system because it serves several essential functions. It is basically a metal flap that can be opened or closed by pulling a lever that will raise or lower it. When you are building a fire, you’ll want to have the dampers open to allow air in. This will help with combustion for one thing, as well as allow smoke to go out the chimney rather than back into the room. When you aren’t burning a fire, you’ll want the damper closed so warm air from inside your home doesn’t escape out through the chimney and cold air from outside doesn’t work its way down and make your room cold.

The problem with your damper system is, over time, it can lose its seal. If this happens, that nice warm air from inside your home could escape out through the chimney or cold air could come in, both of which can cost you money. This is something we’ll be looking for when you call Old Dominion Chimneys in to inspect your chimney. If your dampers have lost their seal, we might recommend that your dampers be replaced. One route to take in replacing your dampers might be to install a top sealing damper. Although this may cost a bit more initially, it can end up saving you money in the long run.

Why Install a Top Sealing Damper

Just as with a throat damper, a top sealing damper will seal off your chimney when it’s not in use but also allow smoke out when you’re using your fireplace. Because it sits on top of your chimney, it will also keep precipitation, creatures, and other debris out of your home. This will help with obstructions and possible fire hazards, as well as protecting the interior of your chimney from the possibility of chimney damage from precipitation.

Experienced Professionals

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