Restore Your Masonry FireplaceThere is something about the look of a masonry fireplace that can’t be matched. A crackling fire in a brick and mortar fireplace just touches the imagination in a way that nothing else can. It conjures up images of cozy evenings laying on the floor and being mesmerized by the pattern of the flames, of family time spent playing games in front of a fire, or just staying warm and cozy while watching TV. But if you own a home with a masonry fireplace, you may know that there’s more to the reality than these images; unfortunately masonry fireplaces are oftentimes known to be inefficient and ineffective in heating the room. If that’s the case with your fireplace, at Old Dominion Chimneys, we’ve got some great ideas for restoring your fireplace.

Why is Restoration Necessary?

Many old masonry fireplaces were built before there was technology that helped ensure efficient heat dispersion. The idea is simple enough: build a fire and warm yourself by the flames, right? There is, however, more to it than this. In order to burn effectively, your fire needs oxygen. Fire also produces waste gases which contain chemicals that are harmful to your health, and these waste gases need to escape through your chimney. Because of this transfer of gases, warm air is drawn away from the fire and up through your chimney. Practically speaking, this means a loss of money from having to pay higher heating bills from running your furnace to make up for this loss of warm air.

Ahren-Fire Masonry Fireplace Restoration System

At Old Dominion Chimneys, we offer the option of installing an Ahren-Fire Masonry Fireplace Restoration System. The company, which is based in the U.S., offers fireplace systems that are designed to cut down on loss of efficiency and work to increase the effectiveness of heating your home. One big positive about Ahren-Fire Masonry Restoration Systems is the sizing factor. This all-in-one fireplace system comes in eight different sizes to ensure that it will fit in any existing fireplace. This means that it will look natural in your home.

Many times an older fireplace is inefficient because it wasn’t designed properly. This may mean that, beyond being inefficient, your fireplace could have safety concerns. Ahren-Fire Masonry Restoration Systems meets or exceeds the Underwriters Laboratories safety testing criteria, so when you install this system, you can rest assured that all safety concerns are being considered and taken care of before you’re allowed to use your new system.

If you are considering replacing your masonry fireplace, call us for a consultation about the system that will best meet your aesthetic and safety needs: the Ahren-Fire Masonry Fireplace Restoration System.