Leaks have significantly more cons than pros. If your pipes are leaky, your water pressure will decrease and your water bills will increase. A leaky roof can also cause big problems to the interior of your home. When water gets into your walls or settles in your ceiling tiles, they will weaken and cause interior damage to your home. In addition, leaks can cause damage to the chimney itself and also to the interior of your home. If left unchecked, it could also end up costing you significant money for repair work. Don’t hesitate to give Old Dominion Chimney Service a call if you suspect a chimney leak. We can come in, find the source of the problem, and get the necessary repairs underway!

Reasons to Suspect a Leak

We Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysIf you do a visual check of your chimney or fireplace, there are certain warning signs of a leak. First, walk around the outside of your home and check the ground around the chimney. Flakes or flecks of bricks or mortar and soft or flaky looking mortar indicate water damage. This is referred to as spalling, and could cause major damage if left untreated.

Another indication that you might have a chimney leak is that the wallpaper or ceiling paper around your fireplace appears weak, water stained, or saggy. Take a look at the woodwork around your fireplace as well to see if it appears weakened or is graying, another indication that there is a leak. In addition, water mixing with built up creosote causes an unpleasant odor. This could also mean that there is a leak.

Causes of a Leak

There are several places that a leak could be occurring. The most common problem is that you don’t have a chimney crown or that your chimney crown is in a state of disrepair. If this is the case, precipitation can go straight down your chimney and into your fireplace. This is an easy fix; just give us a call and ask for advice on what type of chimney cap will work best for your chimney and home style.

Another problem area might be your flashing. The flashing is the metal sheets at the junction of chimney and roof. Flashing covers that tricky joint spot that could easily leak. If your flashing is cracked or damaged, precipitation could travel down that crack and into the interior of your chimney.

Call the Pros

These are just a few areas that might be causing a leaking problem. At Old Dominion Chimney Service, we know all the areas to check for a leak and just how to fix those leaks. Give us a call today and eliminate those trouble areas in a hurry!