When you can hear the wind howling outside the window and when the temperatures begin to dip lower, those are the times that it just feels so good to snuggle up on the couch in front of a glowing fire. You’ve had a long day at work, and it’s great to relax and enjoy some family time. But if you’re really tired out from a hard work day, it could just be that the last thing you feel like doing is going out into the cold to get wood from the woodpile, bring it in, lay it correctly, and get a fire going. Then, when you’re all cozied in, you need to get up and add more wood just to keep the burn going. Some nights this is fine, but other nights, it’s just a little too much effort. If that’s the case, you might want to start to think about converting from a wood burning fireplace to heating your home with gas instead.

Benefits of Burning With Gas

There are definite benefits to burning with gas. First off, gas heating units are efficient. Although there is an initial cost to installing a gas line and switching out your firebox to gas, after this, the cost of running gas heat isn’t expensive. Many people enjoy turning down the thermostat and just soaking in the heat of the gas fireplace. And if you’re concerned about the environment, then gas is definitely beneficial. Gas fireplaces release less pollution into the outdoors than wood burning units.

Another benefit is convenience. When it comes to ease of use, gas units fit the bill. Once the gas line has been installed and hooked up to the switch, then all it takes to get a fire going is to flip that switch and there you have it: instant flames. When you’re ready to turn in, just flip the switch again, and the fire is gone. No cleaning out ashes, no waiting for the coals to die down. When it comes to convenience, gas is definitely the way to go.

Maintenance of a Gas Burner

One of the ideas that many people have about burning with gas is that you don’t need to have it maintained on a regular basis. This isn’t the case. Whether you have a wood burner or a gas burner, it’s important to have your system cleaned on an annual basis by a professional chimney sweep company like Old Dominion Chimneys. We’re a highly trained, highly qualified chimney sweep company, certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America as well as having memberships in the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Mid-Atlantic Chimney Association. We make sure all our employees undergo continuing education so that we can offer our clients the best business practices in the industry. When you hire Old Dominion Chimneys, you’ll know you’re getting the best service in Central Virginia.