A fireplace can be a real selling point in a home. Many people are looking for the warmth and comfort that a fireplace signifies. Chimneys are built to last. Unfortunately, there are things that can go wrong. When there’s a problem with your chimney, you’ll want to take care of repairs as soon as possible so that the problem isn’t exacerbated. Even if you’re handy around the house, chimney repairs are best left to the professionals! If you mess up a chimney repair, you are only asking for bigger headaches and bigger repair bills later.

Chimney Leaks and How to Prevent Them Image - Harrisonburg VA - Old Dominion ChimneysDamage Caused by a Leaky Chimney

If your roof leaks, you’ll know it by the drips that occur. A leaky chimney can cause this same problem. If you’re worried that your chimney might be leaking, take a minute to examine your fireplace. Don’t forget the area around it! Do you see peeling, stained wallpaper or water stain marks on the ceiling? If so, chances are that your chimney has a leak. Another sign of leaks is a water stained exterior. Unfortunately, these visible signs are the least of your worries.

When water penetrates your chimney, those leaks can cause serious damage to the make-up of the chimney. These could have serious repercussions for the health of your family if left untended. Some of the damage that can happen includes: deteriorating firebox assembly, rusted damper mechanisms, rotting wood and wall coverings, and even instability in the structure of the chimney itself. If left untended, structural damage can lead to improper release of fumes released through combustion. This can lead to an excessive build-up of carbon monoxide, which could lead to major health issues for you or your family!

Causes of a Leaky Chimney

Believe it or not, the causes of the leaks in your chimney could actually be water itself. Water erosion can take place; over time, precipitation can wear at the mortar of your chimney, which can cause structural damage. There are other issues that can cause your chimney to leak as well.

If you look at the base of your chimney, where it meets the roof, you’ll see sheet metal pieces that cover the intersection. Those are the flashings. If your flashings are worn or cracked, or if they weren’t installed properly in the first place, it could very well be causing a leak!

Once you’ve found the cause of the leaks and had the problems repaired, you might want to think about having your chimney waterproofed. Your chimney professionals will apply a solution that protects your masonry from the outside while allowing moisture from inside to be released.

Get Professional Help

When you’re talking about chimney repairs, it’s best to not try to fix them yourself. Professional chimney repair people have the proper tools and education to know how to safely make the necessary repairs. Also, when it comes to fixing chimney leaks, give the professionals at Old Dominion Chimney Service a call. They can fix your leaks and then waterproof your chimney, so those leaks don’t come back!