Restore The Strength, Integrity, & Safety Of Your Chimney With The Ahrens Cast-In-Place Chimney Lining System

Your clay tile chimney liner takes a beating with each and every fire, and over time, this can lead to cracks, gaps, and holes throughout your liner, and a crumbling, unsafe mess. These holes and gaps can reduce draft, allow heat and corrosive byproducts to damage the brick of your chimney and access nearby combustibles, release carbon monoxide and smoke into your air supply, and lessen the structural integrity of your chimney system. But we can help. If your clay tile chimney liner has seen better days, we can restore your system with Ahrens Cast-In-Place Chimney Lining System.

What Is A Cast-In-Place Lining System?

A cast-in-place lining system is a lightweight, cement-like product that is poured down into your chimney flue and smoothed over with an applicator. The lining system works to fill in any gaps, holes, or crevices in your existing liner, adding strength and insulation to the chimney and providing a smooth, seamless, jointless new flue.

If your flue liner is in bad shape, a cast-in-place lining system can give your chimney a second lease on life! These liners stand the test of time and, in some cases, can provide an affordable, durable alternative to a chimney rebuild.

Why Opt For A Cast-In-Place Lining System?

Homeowners choose cast-in-place lining systems for a variety of reasons. Cast-in-place liners offer these benefits:

  • Approved for use with all fuel types, including wood, gas, oil, coal, and pellets.
  • Great for increasing the strength and structural integrity of an aging, weakening chimney.
  • Capable of restoring chimneys of all sizes and shapes.
  • Seamless and jointless, meaning there are no areas prone to leaks.
  • So insulating that you don’t need to worry about clearance to combustibles.

We’re Here To Help

Are you in need of a new chimney liner? Ask our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney technicians if Ahrens Cast-In-Place Chimney Lining System is right for you! We’ll inspect your liner using our ChimScan video scanning equipment and make reliable, accurate recommendations based on our findings. Call us at 540-434-0888 or click here to request an appointment today – we’re here to help!


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